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Peel is one of the fastest growing immigrant recipient regions in Canada. On average 22,000 recent immigrants directly settle in Peel region each year. Between 2001 and 2006, 118,200 recent immigrants (10.24% of Peel’s population) settled in Peel region. In 2006, about 48.4% of the regional population were immigrants which increased from 43.1% in 2001. As a result of this rapid growth, Peel is faced with unique and significant challenges.

Recent social and economic indicators reveal that communities with high concentrations of visible minorities and immigrants demonstrate lower civic, political and economic participation. There is a stark absence of immigrant populations and racialized Canadians in the civic life of Peel and a growing body of research suggests that participation of immigrants in community decision-making is disproportionate to the overall regional population.

Immigrants often experience difficulty with settlement and integration that is rooted in systemic barriers. PNSG's consultation with the community confirms the need for improving the receptivity of the host community through strategies that value a diverse multicultural society.

To address some of these issues, PNSG in collaboration with its partners has developed a resource tools. The objective of this resource tool is to assist local governments, public sector institutions and community organizations to better connect, involve and include diverse immigrant populations to increase their participation at all levels of decision-making including positions on boards and commissions.

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